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Our new single Never Enough is OUT NOW. At First is back to revolt again. Never afraid to mix genres and dive deep into difficult subjects. With their new djent metal track Never Enough, At First tells a story of domestic abuse from both a female and male perspective. Passionate vocals are mixed with agressive screams. It makes you wonder: How could such a heavy track still be this catchy and melodic?
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Trigger warning – Partner violence
“Almost every week a woman in the Netherlands dies from the effects of intimate partner violence. Around 1 million people in the Netherlands will experience domestic abuse this year. Reading these numbers, inspired me to write a song about partner violence. This started by reading a lot about this topic. The statistics were overwhelwing. However, in the end, people aren’t numbers and we wanted to make the song more about people than statistics. We decided to write a song from the perspective of both a female and male survivor of intimate partner violence. We hope people find strenght and hope in this song and at best, that it inspires people to seek help. You are not the only one struggling with this battle.” – Jamie
Music Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Kevin Sneijers
Video Produced by Youri Valentijn – YV Concepts –
Special thanks to Muriel Caipirinha & Hidde Cabeludo from Batuque Capoeira Holland